Your body – your car

Your body is the vehicle through which you experience life…

As you can tell I have been spending alot of time with cars recently! Racing my classic 1960 Austin Healey bugeye sprite and taking my 1963 Austin Healey “Big Red” to my first National Austin Healey Conclave up at Big Bear Lake, California where she got 2nd in her class in the Car Show! So needless to say everything in life becomes a parallel! Life as seen through the eyes of a classic car fanatic…

Each person’s life experience will be completely unique and different depending on their vehicle.

We will have similar shared moments but even within those shared moments each person’s perspective will be completely different depending on where their vehicle is in it’s lifespan (on oldie but a goodie, a newbie, somewhere in between), what has happened to them – their driving history, where they were manufactured, who designed them, what fuel they have been using, and how they have been looked after – how they have been driven/maintained.

How do you view your body as a vehicle through which you experience life, and how do you look after your vehicles through which you experience life?

Do you see your vehicle as a collector’s item that is lovingly cared for, that you are proud of, that takes a lot of your attention, that you spend a lot of money on? Or is your vehicle one that needs some restoration, some refurbishing, some fine-tuning? Or do you use and abuse your vehicle to the max until it can go no further?

Does your vehicle get taken out much? Shown off? Allowed to run? Is it given different experiences so it can see how it reacts? Hill climbs? Race track? Gymkanas? Long drives? Short bursts? Sprints? Relaxed scenic drives?

Maybe you have multiple vehicles? A polyamorous lifestyle where you love many cars? It is important to take care of them all, meet each of their needs. It can be overwhelming at times, a big responsibility but these are responsibilities you have chosen to have in your life. Perhaps they have become burdens or have been neglected? Perhaps it is time to let one go? To a better home? To a place where they will be looked after? Loved? Cared for? Or maybe you can reassess what you have and what needs attention. Where your attention should go. 

Each commitment we make – to another vehicle requires more investment of time, energy, money, resources… which can distract from the other vehicles that require attention too. 

As in all polyamorous relationships we need to allocate time and resources, both financial and emotional, to the needs of those vehicles and keep reassessing whether our focus needs to be shifted or modified.

Food is fuel

Look at where your attention goes. Where more attention is needed. What needs to be done. What is immediate. What are your future goals. 

You. Your own vehicle – your body. What does it need to help it function better? What food/fuel? What movement/activity? 


Your relationships – are the people in your life supporting you, enhancing your life? Do your relationships need decluttering or reassessing? What can you do to re-inspire those relationships? Or is it just time to let that go? That old car that’s been sitting in the garage under a cover for years? Is it time to bring it back to life? Or is it time to pass it on to someone else who will love and care for it? Is there a new project you would like to focus your attention on that will stimulate you and inspire you? Maybe an upgrade to a newer vehicle that will allow you to enjoy life and adventure more to distant places? A vehicle that might not take as much maintenance but it will still require attention, the right fuel, tune-ups, oil changes, awareness that all is working well…

The Future!

Your home – where your vehicle resides. What needs to be done? Surface cleaning, tidying up, deep cleaning, repairs, decluttering?

Your work – are there projects that need to be completed? Expansion to bring in more work and income? 

The bigger picture – what are you doing to contribute to making this world a better place? Restoring older vehicles and bringing them back to life. Investing in new vehicles? Giving love to those vehicles already in your life? Making your life and “rides” more joyful and sharing that joy with others? Expanding your circle to include other vehicles and positively affect their lives as they positively enhance yours?

The bugeye and me having fun with friends on the track at Willow Springs, CA

Sometimes all we need is a shift in perspective. Take a moment to look at yourself, your body, your relationships in terms of them being the vehicle(s) through which you experience life and enjoy life with. What needs to be done to maintain your vehicle and enhance its experience? 

Get your vehicle aligned!!!!

Refuel. Repair. Revitalize. Reimagine. 

Dr Shelley

Dr Shelley with her Award-Winning 1963 Austin Healey Mk II – giving her some love!