Gifts that keep on giving; Animals – our healers; We are all connected; Flow; the Power of Music; Be the Guardian of your own Galaxy!

The best gifts are the ones that keep on giving.

A massage chair for someone with body pain or stress.

A smoker for someone who likes to create and enjoy and share the benefits of what they create – smoked salmon, bacon, homemade sausages.

A garden for those who love to see things grow.

A fishing rod to inspire someone to fish, then see them fishing and reaping the benefits from that experience.

A home garage for someone who wants to keep busy, focus their passion on physical things that they can see and hear and touch. To resurrect old forgotten cars and bring them back to life. Adding some modern touches to bring them into the present!

Animals – our healers

Our gift. We can learn so much from them! And they do so much for us. Companionship, unconditional love… they also absorb and help transmute disharmony, ill health, cancer… so thank your cat or doggie! Appreciate all that they do for you! That is why it is so hard to let them go… to pass on… they are a part of us.

We are all interconnected.

We are all part of each other, part of the whole. When we realize that, we can understand how important each and every aspect of our world is. And hopefully treat each and every person, or animal, or plant how we would like to be treated. Shower them with love, compassion, empathy…

Those that are truly in tune with themselves, nature, animals and people can feel that being’s pain, can hear their voice… all living things are energy and as such can communicate.

Each cell in our body can communicate to us. It is a fascinating journey to explore inside of yourself… into your muscles, your organs, to follow the energy around the meridians/energy circuits that run through the body. It is absolutely mind blowing when you are able to surf your own cellular body… observe each cell… is it contracted, tight, in pain… or does the energy flow through it…

Let there be Flow

Do you flow in your life? Have you found your flow? Does your body flow or is it stilted and stiff? Does financial abundance flow in your life? Where do you feel stagnated? Within your body? Within your relationships? Within your life?

What can you do to create more flow? To find your rhythm? To dance to the beat of your own drum. To create the playlist of your life…

The power of music

I watched a movie the other night… Guardians of the Galaxy… Thought it pretty silly but as with everything in life there is always a gem if you choose to dig deep enough or look acutely! The main character from planet earth had kept an old tape deck with him, with headphones and cassettes of old music his Mother loved. He found himself in the future and that was his connection to his past. Music has that power. It can connect us to certain times, places, emotions and feelings. It moves us. Was so cute to see this big brawly guy break out into some dance moves, and to see Amora, a being of the future, feel the music within her… something different and obviously non-existent in the future!

Can you imagine a world without music? I also watched a movie recently where the concept was that as a result of a solar flare hitting the earth all Beatles music and their history was wiped out from earth’s memory! Except for one guy who remembered it all (Yesterday, 2019).

What a concept! A world without the Beatles music! A world without music! I read a book probably 30 years ago about a future where music was outlawed as it was too powerful. It created too much revolution, freedom of thought, and action. And that is true! And when we realize the power of music, we can utilize it for our own benefit. Tranquil, easy-listening, instrumental music to calm our nerves and melt our minds at the end of the day. Or hard-core rock and roll to motivate us to release some pent up energy. Or heartfelt songs that connect us within, that remind us of a time gone by, a person, a dog, a memory…

Over the years I have incorporated music into my workshops with awareness as to what vibration it is resonating with in the body, what words are contained that could activate a cellular memory, an emotion, and what energy is created when combined with music and focused awareness. Powerful stuff! My intention is to create some of those playlists on Spotify that I can share. Although most of my old music is on CDs and some of it I have not been able to find online…

Alternatively, I encourage you to create your own playlists of your favorite music. One for motivational music… whatever music you like that inspires you to dance, to get active, clean the house, the pool… A second for when you feel you just need to relax and de-stress, have a bath… something calming, preferably without words so you brain can disengage. Meditative music or classical piano… And then you can play around with different genres of music – Music to Make Love to, for example. But be aware that different music inspires different physical responses… so if you want an active love-making session then choose upbeat songs, or if you would prefer a gentle, loving, touchy feely type of encounter choose music that is calmer and more ethereal.

I write about the power of music in several of my books and included it in the research I did for my Doctorate (see my book section).

I remember learning the power of music and movement whilst studying at the Osho Multiversity in Poona, India, in the early 90’s. Osho ,who is considered an enlightened Master, attracted many seekers and inspired many to utilize their talents, especially musical talents, to benefit the whole… they created active Meditation techniques that used specific music and sounds to activate the cells, the body, free the cells of tightness and trauma, and liberate the body to enable more energy flow.

One such meditation was Dynamic (click on the word Dynamic for more info and a link to the music). It isdefinitely dynamic and a great one to try! It incorporates the breath, specially almost a hyperventilation method to get more oxygen flow throughout the body and especially into the brain, so that the mind can be more free and to allow the cellular memory to release. Accompanied by free radical movement, exploding like that of a child. Specifically to move the body to free up any tightness, release anything that needed to be released, so that the pure energy of who we are and what we are connected to can flow. Followed by a great way to ground the body by thumping the base of the feet on the ground whilst holding the hands up in the air to connect in with the cosmic energy while centering the energy in the body with a vocalized “hoo hoo.” There is a fabulous section after the chaos where you freeze and can literally feel the energy all abuzz, flowing… it is a magnificent feeling. You can feel your heart beating, you can feel the blood coursing through your body. You know you are alive! And then finally celebrate! Dance!

Tuning in

I also like to include a segment where you just lie down afterwards and let the body relax, and witness the thoughts flowing through the mind, the physical and energy sensations as you become aware that you are not only the physical but an amazing collection of vibrating cells that are contained somewhat by your skin but that extend way beyond the physical, into the energy reality that surrounds us and connects us to all that is – every living being, every physical thing in this world… and then beyond… into the Galaxies!

Be the Guardian of your Galaxy

I am sure there is life beyond this world. There are definitely other Galaxies to be explored. But this body is like a Galaxy in itself that is worthy of exploration! There are wars happening within. What is causing this disharmony? How can you be that guardian of your own galaxy and save it from destroying yourself?

As in the macro, so in the micro. As on the outside, so on the inside. As with what’s happening around you, so it is within you. To truly make a difference in this world we live in, first focus on what you can do within. What wars you can make peace with, what disharmony you can bring love to, what blockages that need to be mended, what bridges that need rebuilding…

We are so blessed to be here in these bodies and in this world. It is the ultimate experience. One with so many lessons to be learned, and the possibility to create our own Galaxy of Perfection within ourselves that can then emanate out into our relationships, our communities, our countries and our extended families and all beings…

Be the Light Worker of your own Galaxy! Give yourself a gift that keeps on giving. We are all connected. Let your love flow… to yourself and then on out into your world, your universe, your galaxy.

Dr Shelley

Dr Shelley in the flow!
Brett Stanley Photography