Celebrating LOVE

What a wonderful day to celebrate love! Love of each other, love of all living things, gratitude for what we have, our relationships, our health, and especially love of ourselves. Self love is so important. 

I am such a busy person with so many friends and loved ones and activities I love to do. Preparing for the first race of the season this weekend in my vintage 1967 Fiat 124 spider race car that was made with love especially for me. Preparing for my monthly British car club meeting of which I am president this year. Preparing my 1963 Austin Healey for her trip to Europe in June. She has to be down in LA to take the slow boat to Oslo at the beginning of March. 

Preparing for race weekend involves pre-making healthy food for at least 10 people, all made with love! 

But amidst all that busy-ness I know it is so important to take time for myself. To keep myself healthy so I can participate fully in my busy life. To refill my cup with bubbly effervescent life force so I can share that with the people in my life and nourish my own body, heart and soul so I can be the best person I can possibly be and share my love in all I do. 

To that end, not only on Valentines day but ever day, I start my day with self love rituals such as a hot infrared sauna to detox, a hot bath to relax my muscles, meditation practices to balance and harmonize my cellular body and gratitude processes to give thanks for my body, my health, my life and all the wonderful people that infuse it with love. 

I also make regular visits to my chiropractor Dr John Florendo, who has been working on me and my family for over 5 years and is a godsend. With his over 35 years experience as a health worker I love feeling my body realign and my circuits reconnect with his magical work. You can watch an interview I did with Dr John on Optimal Performance at https://fb.watch/iJ9dOOxexT/?mibextid=NnVzG8. It is a two part series, so check out both episodes.

Food aka fuel is also an essential part of my self love daily ritual and why I love preparing food for others. Healthy, nutritious, wonderful food! Plus additional supplements to keep myself healthy especially during winter and these covid affected times. 

I take minerals and electrolytes daily, add collagen and brain food (mct oil) to my coffee, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and protein including pasture raised eggs, cream, cheese, wild caught fish, organic chicken, New Zealand/Australian lamb, and grass fed butter and meat. 

Dr Shelley skiing in Las Vegas

Loving touch, massage, self love practices and spending time with my loved ones is also an important and essential part of each day. Putting time aside in my busy life for connecting with others is also important.
But first and foremost love of self. For without our own health and my cup full I cannot fully share love with others.

Being active is also a big part of my health regime! I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy morning walks with my business partner. She is so tuned in and always has words of wisdom to share, including what’s happening energetically with planetary alignments. And skiing has always been a passion too. Being up in the mountains feeds my soul. The fresh air, the speed going down the slopes…

Take time for you! What makes you happy? How do you fill up your cup to overflowing so you can share that abundance with the ones you love?

Dr Shelley