Be the Movie Star of your Life!

My life feels like its a movie with me as the main star! And what a great movie it is!

I love my life!

Inspiration at Solitude

Imagine your life is a movie and you can write the script, star in it, and pick your location, co-stars, plot, love stories, and more.

Recently I was in Utah for work and arranged a meeting with another sexologist to talk over some mutual business. “So where shall we meet?” she asked… Seeing as Utah has had a phenomenal winter with sooo much snow and I am an avid skier, I suggested we meet and do a few runs up in the mountains on the fresh powder. She said yes! We chatted on the chair on the way up. Skied down and digested what we had talked about on the way up. Found Inspiration in Solitude (the name of the run and the name of the mountain) and got stuck in the canyon on the way down the mountain due to an accident that blocked the only road out. So got to spend another 3 hours talking about the meaning of life whilst stuck in her car. It’s amazing the differences in life paths and upbringing yet we have so much in common. She mostly works with de-traumatizing cellular memory and I work with re-patterning the cellular structure into positive experiences. She mostly does zoom. I mostly incorporate what I do into fun activities such as going on trips to exotic places, skiing, being pampered at a Spa, photoshoots to increase self-love, motorbike rides, walks, dinner, shows…

British Virgin Islands

I create my own reality, including my work reality. I love my work and love my life. “Energy follows awareness,” is a cornerstone of the teachings my partner, Denie and I, have taught in our Vibrational Wellness seminars for over 20 years. Where you focus your attention is where your energy flows. So choose your thoughts, intentions, and words carefully.

A book that Denie & I wrote, published in 2001 by Penguin Putnam, is still very much relevant today. Electrical Nutrition, looks at the food we eat, water we drink and thoughts we have and how they all affect us electrically/energetically. The fuel we put into our engines dictates the performance capacity of our lives. Drinking good water and lots of it helps to keep the cells and mind clear. And the thoughts we have help us manifest our dream lives.

My Ducati Monster

Many people marvel at my life. I ski, I race vintage cars, I am president of our local British Car club and love driving my classic car, I ride a Ducati Monster motorcycle, travel to Europe, New Zealand, Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, and all around the United States of America.

My 1963 Austin Healey
Mt Cook, New Zealand

Start visualizing your life as the movie of your own creation with you the main star in it.

Write it. Live it. Be it.

Dr Shelley