Travel your Dreams

The easiest travel is in your own back yard. You don’t have to go far!

Las Vegas is my back yard. I have lived here for over 11 years and know it well. There is so much to explore. Come visit and let me create a guided experience for you. As well as the beautiful natural beauty of the Red Rocks, Valley of Fire and Lake Mead, there is an infinite array of wonderful shows, clubs, concerts, restaurants, and experiences.

Or you can explore the rest of this wonderful planet!

Recently I guided a group of adventurous souls to the Naked City in the South of France, in Cap D’Adge. Or I could take you to an adults-only resort in Jamaica such as Hedonism, or Cancun’s Temptation or Pearl resorts. The world is your oyster and a veritable banquet of sensations and tastes. Sometimes all it takes is to live a waking dream, and manifest your reality by living your dream.

Having traveled this wonderful planet for over 30 years I feel blessed to be able to share my experiences with adventurous souls. It is a gift to see eyes being widened, hearts opened and minds expanded.

Expand your wings and fly! Free as a bird!

Dr Shelley