Soul contracts; life-paths; life-review; creating your own reality; dream big!

Soul Contracts

Each one of us, before we even came into this life/into these bodies, signed a contract which includes what life experiences we are going to have, health issues, where we will live, who will be in our life and the lessons we are going to be learning from this life.

Whether we are conscious of this or not may help us realize why certain things happen in our lives, why certain people are in our lives, why certain health issues may come up, and why particular patterns in relationships, health and life circumstances keep manifesting.

If we choose to self-review and assess life’s circumstances as potential lessons to be learned, it is sometimes easier to accept what is happening, look at it as an observer, and learn from each relationship, health issue or life experience.

My Soul Contract

For me personally I have a distant memory of floating around the universe and thinking… where would I like to land this time… what type of life experience would I choose…. which country, what parents… what sex, body type…

St Clair Beach, NZ

I chose Dunedin, New Zealand… a pure, somewhat innocent, untarnished town at the bottom of the earth…. to parents who, had their own life lessons to learn, but who would welcome me with open arms and support me lovingly in all my life choices. Who had strong genes, a healthy outlook on life, who would encourage me to be all I could be, to have access to sports, music, dancing, socializing, education, nature…

I chose well!

Numerology and Life Paths

Numerologically we are all at different phases of our evolution. Number 1’s are leaders/pioneers in their field. Number 2’s are all about learning from being in relationship. Number 3’s are about finding creative solutions. Number 4’s are all about family. Number 5’s about freedom – personally, financially and spiritually. And so on. The combination of my birth day is a #1 (1+9+6+6,+1+2,+3 = 28 = 10 =1) – I am a pioneer in my chosen profession as a sexologist. My birthday is a #3 (Dec. 3rd) which is all about creativity. And this year I am 54 = 9 which is all about spiritual completion. Realizing all of my life’s lessons and sharing them.

The life I chose has been filled with love and opportunities I have jumped on, reveled in and learned from. I came in with an enthusiasm for being here and experiencing as much of what this life has to offer as possible. And for anyone who knows me, that is how I live my life. And I have a fabulous life that I give thanks for every day.

I have traveled the world extensively. I have had a very active life of sports, music, dancing, loving, living, great relationships. I feel very blessed.


Take a moment to review your life and what lessons you have learned. Think about what contract you signed. The people you chose to have in your life. The life experience, and health challenges you may have had.

If you can observe your life as if reading your own autobiography and reflect upon why certain things happened to you, are happening to you and that you forsee happening to you… it can be fascinating!

And then upon reflection it can be insightful and enlightening…

Creators of our own reality

We are the creators of our own reality. When we realize this we then have the power to visualize and create our future. If you (which I believe you can) create your own reality then what is the reality you would like to create for yourself?

The Canvas of your Future – Your Visionboard

Take time to visualize your life as a blank canvas and then fill in the blank with as much color and content as you desire.

The next step is to really feel that what you have envisaged can be a reality. Feel the YES when you look at your mind’s picture depicting your future reality. Even better, paint it! Or create a vision board.

Changing thought patterns

It is important to watch your thought processes and witness any negative thoughts limiting your visualizations. Be aware of limiting thought patterns and change them. Not always that easy but the first step is recognizing a limiting or negative thought pattern… then replacing that thought/pattern with a life affirming one that fits the picture you have painted.

Life – a learning experience

Sounds like a lot of work? Yes, it is! Life is a continual learning experience. And the more we can learn from our life experiences, the quicker we can progress onto the next lesson/life experience. And the quicker we can move through the muddy waters…. the faster we will be surfing the clean, clear waves of our consciousness and manifest that into our reality.

What are your wildest dreams?

Yes, that’s a lot to digest… take small bites at a time… or dive right in and explore the depths of your psyche/consciousness… It never stops. Our life lessons never stop. They just become more fun… what would I like to do next? What are my wildest dreams? What would I really like to experience this life… sexually, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and consciously.

We are blessed to be able to have ALL of our senses fulfilled, all of our body’s health issues be resolved, all of our relationship dreams to be lived out, all of our wildest dreams to be manifest.

Dream big!

Don’t limit yourself! Dream big! Then look at what is holding you back, your own self imposed limitations, self-inflicted health issues, and do something about it!

Live the life you want to live. Live big! Live your dreams.

Dr Shelley

Living life to the max!

Dr Shelley living life to the max! Racing her classic Austin Healey bugeye sprite.