Love is in the air!

Wow! It’s Valentine’s day…

2021 has begun! Numerologically it is a 5-universal year (2+0+2+1 = 5), which symbolizes freedom. So what does freedom mean for you? Financial freedom? Freedom from Covid? Freedom to socialize and interact with loved ones and friends? Freedom to say what you want? To express yourself freely? Freedom of the mind. Freedom to love whoever you want? 2020 certainly felt like a lot of personal freedoms were compromised and stymied due to Covid. This year is a new year although Covid is still rampant and travel restrictions and social distancing etc are still in place. But perhaps this new year will offer us all opportunities to see outside of the box of what freedom means and give us the freedom to create a new reality amidst the restrictions that will enable greater freedom.

I have been impressed at how people have managed to maintain relationships and friendships despite the need for social distancing and isolation. Online connections have bloomed. Family units have strengthened. Businesses have had to think outside the box. Restaurants adapt to outdoor seating, grab and go, deliveries. People have become a lot more conscious of cleanliness, hand washing, sanitizing…

For me personally I have enjoyed being home! Usually I travel almost 6 months out of the year for my work. This last year I have been home and loved every minute of it! My personal relationships have benefited. My “germ pod” is much smaller and more intimate but definitely grew stronger.

My body has benefited from being home, less travel. My recent blood work showed that! I feel a sense of contentment with what is and continued gratitude for my health, my close knit group of friends, a roof above my head, and food in my fridge. The simple things but oh so important. Without health, life and love is difficult. Without love, life is empty. I appreciate everyone reaching out, touching base, connecting in…

Dr Shelley racing her 1960 Austin Healey bugeye sprite

It is a continual commitment to myself, what I eat, my fitness regime, my meditations, my mental state… who I chose to associate with, where I direct my energy. Keeping positive, watching movies/documentaries that inspire, listening to uplifting music, spending time in nature, having good quality sleep. Surrounding myself with people (even if only virtually) who are motivated, who help others, who are taking responsibility/charge of their own life situations… And finding pursuits that are safe, healthy and exciting… like skiing, car racing, hiking… all outdoor activities that are conducive to social distancing.

Freedom is a state of mind

Freedom… a state of mind?

We choose who we associate with. We choose our thoughts. We choose what we watch on TV. We choose what we eat. We choose where we want to put our energy. When we realize we are this ultimate powerful being we can simply choose love. Valentines day is a reminder of the power of love. Reaching out to others. Sharing the love. Speaking words of love. Sending messages of love. Appreciation. Gratitude for the people in your life. A powerful time to choose love. Use the powerful words of love. Focus on love.

2021 Year of the Ox

In Chinese astrology, 2021 is the year of the Ox. Hardworking Ox. It’s a tough job focusing on love and positivity. But this is the year of the Ox and with discipline and effort it is possible. I guarantee you will attract more love, more appreciation, more of life’s many gifts, the more you focus on the power of love, in your words, your actions, your thoughts, your meditations/visualizations…

Sending love

Energy follows awareness. And the most powerful energy there is is that of the heart. Filling yourself with love, self-love, for all of who you are, your physical body, your sensual body, your passionate body, your healthy body. Fill it to overflowing. Then allow that overflowing power of love to flow into the lives of all you know, energetically, physically… the power of the mind is mighty.

Simply being still and focusing on sending love energy to the people you know, wherever they may be, and then extending that love to all corners of the earth, to all living beings, the earth, then right on out into the universe! It’s a powerful visualization that can be done right where you are. You can connect in with everyone and everything you love right from your bedroom, your kitchen, your bathroom, your back yard. Even in Covid isolation we can feel connected.

The power of love/heart energy transcends walls, cities, borders, continents…

Once we realize this, life feels full of love, possibility, purpose. We can make a difference right where we are…

Send love, be love, spread love! This is my focus for 2021 and the power of 2021 – the freedom to love and be loved.

Dr Shelley

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