2.22.22 Tutu Twosday


2.22.22 Tutu Twosday!

A very rare occasion! A palidrom and an ambigram! You can read today’s date from left to right or right to left, as well as upside down! In numerology the number 2 symbolizes stability, balance, cooperation and duality. An opportunity to balance the masculine and feminine energies within us. A chance to focus on areas we want to improve especially in relationships and family life. Take time to reflect on what areas of your life and relationships you would like to improve.

The healing power of human connection

For me I feel the increased flow of creativity and a desire to write about the integration of my lifetime study of energetics into my work as a sexologist. The flow of orgasmic energy that can help heal dis-ease states, increase our capacity for connection and our authenticity in communication.

The power of oxytocin from human touch, and our ability to direct orgasmic energy into areas of our bodies that feel blocked or limited is a skill we can all embody. Once we realize we are more than just physical we can harness our energy and direct it to our loved ones, especially when making love.

Harmonizing the masculine and feminine within

Orgasms do not need to be solely focused on the genital area. The energy of an orgasm can be directed through the entire body. If, for example, you suffer from headaches, by consciously focusing orgasmic energy through your body and out the top of your head/crown chakra, sometimes headaches which could be considered a blockage in energy, can shift. Try it!

Alex Grey’s artwork depicting energy sex

I am reminded of when I completed my Doctorate on the Health Benefits of Sex, I visited my hometown in New Zealand and was interviewed by the local newspaper… the headline the following day was, “Yes thanks dear – I have a headache!” Many times having a headache is a reason some people don’t want to have sex, but research has shown that making love, culminating in a luscious orgasm can help shift the energy and blow the headache out! Give it a go next time you find yourself or your loved on in that predicament!

Another technique I often share with men who are self-conscious about the size of their penis is to realize they are not just physical but also have an energy body/field, and so does their penis! So, when making love, I encourage them visualize their penis as not only physical but energetically bigger than the physical – to feel it and enjoy sharing their energetic selves as well as their physical beings.

Self love

So today, at 2.22pm or anytime today, on this 22nd day of the 2nd month of this 2022 year, take time to go within and acknowledge and harmonize not only your masculine and feminine energies but also your physical and energetic selves. Focus on your relationship to yourself. Only when we love ourselves and accept and honor ourselves can we truly share with another from our hearts.

Tutu TwosdayDr Shelley

And if you feel so inclined, don a tutu and celebrate the joy of life, of living in these magical times. Allow the little child energy to permeate you and be expressed through you! I love any excuse to let my inner child come out to play!!!