2022! Celebrate you!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

2022! Celebrating you! Whoever you are, which ever sexual orientation you are!

We are diverse, unique and individual and none of us are the same! As much as we try it is impossible to put labels on ourselves and be pigeon-holed into a box/type. We all have unique and special characteristics and sexual fetishes, fantasies, and desires. This much I have learned as a sexologist!

Valley of Fire

Celebrate your uniqueness! Acceptance of ourselves and each other is a good mantra for 2022! Celebrate you!

That is one reason I LOVE living in Las Vegas! Many times people ask me why I would relocate from beautiful New Zealand where I was born, to Las Vegas which seems the polar opposite! In many ways it is! Las Vegas has its own unique beauty – the desert landscape, the red rocks…

Vegas by night

A BIG difference I have found living here in Las Vegas is its non-judgmental acceptance. You can be whoever you want to be here. You can dress in whatever you want to dress. Express yourself in whatever way you choose. I love that! And this is true in a very real way. I have traveled a lot, all over the world, and love this non-judgmental attitude that exists here in Vegas. You can go to the supermarket or store in your onesie, a bikini, your pajamas… you can be at the gas station in the sexy clothes you wore out the night before and that’s OK!

Lake Mead therapy

I love having Vegas as my “home.” It is the center of my universe. I have enjoyed sequestering here during covid. Feeling blessed to have a retreat I can call home and be happy in. And of course, just outside my doorstep is a world of entertainment and beauty I can adventure into whenever I feel the need to explore or spread my wings.

During covid shut down I was able to escape to Lake Mead, hike the mountains and valleys…

Big Blues Bender
Area 15
John Fogerty

Since re-opening I have been blessed to have attended a blues festival (with covid protocols for health and safety in place), the theater (Smith Center – Cats, Officer & A Gentleman, A Christmas Carol), shows (Area 15 art & music experiences, local drag & burlesque shows, Cirque du Soleil shows – Mystere and O), classical candlelight concerts and bands (John Fogerty, Sting, Santana, Billy Idol, Shania Twain), all with masks on of course as that’s still the mandate here.  

Smith Center Broadway Shows
Local Drag Show

Being a sexologist I have a wide network of fascinating individuals I work and socialize with. I feel blessed to know so many unique, amazing, sexually diverse people.

Onesie time

I wish you all health and prosperity, happiness and acceptance of yourself and others this 2022! Celebrate you! Allow yourself to express your uniqueness, be who you are, and allow others to be whoever they choose to be. In a divided separate world (especially here in America) this could be our way to go beyond our differences and make this world a better place… acceptance of ourselves and others, especially sexually!

In Dr Shelley’s A to Z of Sex, A is for Acceptance. I encourage you to read this book and maybe you will find some gems you can incorporate into your lives to make them a little easier, and more sexually joyful!

Dr Shelley