2 Years Since Covid-19 hit

2 years after Covid-19

Reflections on the past two years and Covid-19 gifts

For me Covid was definitely a reset button that go pushed! The previous year (2019) I had traveled out of town close to 6 months of that year. With Covid “stay at home” orders I found myself on a “home retreat” at my place in Las Vegas. Luckily, I was able to turn on the pool heater and keep active in my saltwater pool, plus I did a daily lunchtime online dance session that connected people around the world.

Being the youngest and healthiest of my close family and friends I was the one designated to do the shopping. Spent a lot of money at Costco, that’s for sure! And ended up having to trade in my Porsche 911 for a Macan S which is 4 door with plenty of room for groceries! When covid restrictions started to lift I drove to wherever I could for my work, avoiding domestic and international flights. I shifted a lot of my consultations to online and learned how to Zoom!

I bought a sewing machine and created some home-made masks and repurposed clothes into new wearable art creations. I did a lot of meditation and gratefulness rituals. I felt so blessed to be living in a debt free house, to have family and loved ones close by and access to healthy food. I didn’t put on any Covid weight, I stayed active and ate healthy. All of these practices I put into place during Covid I have maintained.

I loved the time I spent at home. I still do. My home is my retreat. My loved ones supportive and there for me, and I for them.

Covid helped me refocus my priorities. Family, friends and self-care. I certainly wash my hands a lot more now! And realize how precious time is with the ones I love. And how important our health is.

2 years after Covid and still going strong. Wishing everyone continued health and well-being!

Tips for staying healthy:

Drink lots of water

Get plenty of rest

Limit alcohol intake

Cut out the carbs and sugars (no bread, pasta, or fizzy drinks)

Eat a high protein diet with good fats and lots of veggies

Get some sun on your body (natural Vitamin D)

Stay sexually & physically active

Give thanks for your body, your loved ones, and what you have in life

Spend time doing self-care, self-love, self-appreciation

Take hot baths with Epsom salts

Go on walks

Dance (play your favorite music and dance like no-one is watching)

Stay connected with your friends and loved ones

Be there! Be present, or as the saying goes, “Be Here Now”

Dr Shelley