Unicorn Sex!

Release the Unicorn Within!

The Unicorn in the swinging community is often referred to as that illusive bi-sexual single woman who is available to join a couple. Does she really exist or is she purely a mythical character?

I feel we all have unicorn energy within us. We all have that mythical, illusive, independent individual quality within that desires freedom of expression and the ability to magically turn up without expectations or demands from others.

It is even becoming more common to have male and female unicorns who travel together yet feel free to do what they want, whenever they want.

In essence we are all potential unicorns if we honor our own unique and magical desires and follow those urges when the opportunity arises.

It is an empowering concept to think of ourselves as unicorns who unite with other unicorns. Each of us individual, magical and unique.

This gives us an innate permission to follow our own truth and do what we want to do not what others want us to do.

Release your inner Unicorn!

It doesn’t mean you ignore the wishes and desires of other partners or lovers but first and foremost you honor your own magical desires and know you have magical powers to manifest what it is that you truly desire.

I had the opportunity to attend a swinger convention in New Orleans recently as a unicorn, traveling with another male unicorn and another female unicorn. We met other unicorns and couples and enjoyed the companionship of each other and the freedom to be and do what our inner unicorn desired without fear of jealousy, insecurity, expectations or demands.

What freedom! I encourage you all to tap in to your inner Unicorn. Create magic. Experience the freedom of being a mythical magical creature!