To circumcise or not, that is the question!

‘You want us to cut WHAT off?’

As a sexologist I often get asked many fascinating questions… recently I got an email from a person asking my opinion on circumcision. My initial reaction was “God didn’t get it wrong!” Boys were born with a protective covering over the end of their penis. To cut it and expose the head of the penis inflicts pain on the little one and denies them potential sensitivity in that area. However, if the mother/caregiver does not prep the little boy’s penis by regularly pulling back the skin from the end of the penis, and teach the little boy how to keep that area clean, then downstream issues can occur.

I was working with a guy in New Zealand whose Mother did not do the prep as a young boy and now as an adult the skin does not come back fully when the penis is erect and it causes him quite a lot of discomfort when he makes love.

But also, it seems in the western world that circumcision is more popular so for boys to feel accepted by their peers, if they are not circumcised then that can also be an issue.

And most of the guys I have worked with who are circumcised said they do not recall the pain of the incident and still have sensitivity…

So to circumcise or not – that is a question you need to ask yourself as a new Mum. If you choose not to, then make sure you prepare the penis by pulling the skin back regularly as the little boy grows, and teach them how to keep it clean down there!!!!!

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