What does your car say about you?


What does your car say about you?

Do you keep it tidy? Clean? Serviced? Do you love what you drive?

1963 Austin Healey BJ7 Mark II

I do! My run around is a 2002 Blue Porsche. I race a blue 1960 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite. And my latest passion is a gorgeous Reno red 1963 Austin Healey BJ7 Mark II.

1960 Austin Healey bugeye sprite

And of course I have my Ducati 821 Monster…

Life is about loving what you do and doing it with love. 

What you drive, where you live, who you share your love with, is all an outward expression of who you are. Who are you?

I am racy, classic, well-looked-after, loved, and cherished. I don’t sit in the garage, I am out there having fun, enjoying life, taking risks, pushing boundaries. 

Life is to be lived. Are you living the life you dreamed? Doing what you love? 

Take a moment to reflect on what your car and what you drive/ride, says about you…

Visualize your dream life. Make a vision board. Manifest your desires. Take time to go within and witness yourself and your life. Make positive changes that reflect your true self. 

Live the life you love!

Ducati Monster 821