The Wife

The Wife

On a recent flight I watched the Oscar nominated movie, The Wife.

She definitely should have won the prize! The Nobel Prize for her literary work and also the prize for best actress. Glen Close did a fantastic job. And the movie has so many wonderful messages and raises some good questions… 

Are you being recognized for what you do? Who you are? Your contributions? Do you feel acknowledged? Honored? Respected?

Are you following your true path? Have you sacrificed your truth for some other persons reality? 

I am so grateful that I have been born into an era where women writers are honored, respected and heard.

I am so grateful that I have manifested a relationship where I am honored for who I am and what I create. That I am supported and respected in all that I do.  

I honor myself and acknowledge that I have a lot of wisdom and experience to share. Years of insights gained while teaching and learning with the embodied Einstein I have spent the last 20 plus years with. So much experience gained from working with individuals in this field of sexology over the years, and the small group intensives I have taught, and the seminars I have facilitated. And so much wisdom from 50 plus years of being a sexually active, passionate lover of life and love. 

Stay tuned for my latest writings… Dr Shelley’s A-Z of Sex. It is taking a bit of editing for public viewing… started my A with Anal then realized that topic may be a bit too much for starters… so shifted the focus to A for Acceptance… Similarly I thought about Z for Zoophilia but realized that is probably a little too much to end on that note, so changed it to Z for Zest…

And of course there are 24 more letters in Dr Shelley’s A-Z of Sex too!!!

Watch this space!