I love my job!

People often ask me what my work entails… I travel all over the world presenting workshops, and as a guide/companion for couples/individuals who want to explore new adventures. This can take me to New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Jamaica, and to many places in the USA. Otherwise people travel to me in Las Vegas – a conference is a fabulous excuse to come to Sin City!

Some examples of the people I see…

Recently I met up with a lovely young couple who had just got married and wanted to start their relationship off well and talk about different fantasies and ways to keep their marriage alive and passionate.

Another couple had been with only each other for 25 years and always fantasized about opening their relationship to more so sought me out for guidance. They gave me the loveliest card and nicknamed me the “Queen of Hearts.”

Another couple who had been together for over 30 years and had already explored a lot in the swing scene and traveled all over the world wanted to meet up with me to help inspire them on to the next stage of their explorations.

And another client asked me to accompany his new girlfriend to a swinger resort as a treat for her birthday as he knew I would guide her and encourage her to explore and adventure into new realms and that she would be forever grateful to him (he was unable to travel due to family issues).

Being a sexologist is a great job! There are very few people who have experience in polyamory, open lifestyles, and the swing scene, who don’t judge, and can answer questions, inspire, and educate in all matters concerning sexual exploration. My profession is rare and unique, which is why people search me out!

It certainly is a great conversation starter with the person next to me on the plane, when they ask “What do you do?”

And surprisingly (or not) there are many, many couples and individuals who are wanting to explore and adventure sexually. So I love to be their guide.

My basic research project for my Doctorate focused on the Health Benefits of Open Relationships, and I include my findings in my book, based on my Doctorate Anti-Aging & Health Benefits of Sex (Chapter 7).

My books are available on Amazon.com  (click here) in paperback, on kindle, or audio. Otherwise you can get your own personally signed copy via me. Email me at info@DrShelleys.com. Payment can be made via Paypal.

Dr. Shelley

Making the world more sexually joyful!