What a bind!

I had the honor of presenting a workshop at the Beach Bind Week in Jamaica recently. A focused group of individuals interested in rope. As a total newbie to roping it was fascinating to watch the beauty and magic of rope tying as a performance art in the evenings, and playfully learn self tying and partner tying whilst on a field trip to the Mayfield Falls, on the beach and in the water.

But the most difficult bind I found myself in was honoring myself and my needs and not feeling overwhelmed by all the different options for learning, playing, and enjoying being in Jamaica. Making choices of where I wanted to be, who I wanted to be with, what I wanted to do, and with whom… that was the most challenging. So much to do, so little time! I found myself wanting to participate in everything but not able to do justice to all.

An insightful look at myself and my life choices. And time to reflect on what do I really want to do. Who do I really want to spend my time with. And what do I really want to explore and learn.

When we look at life, there are so many choices we can make on a daily basis. The opportunities are immense. The possibilities endless.

I took time out for myself to tune in to my innermost desires and set my intentions for what I really wanted to achieve. Top priority was spending time with my favorite girlfriends, enjoying the abundance of nature and the ocean, being playful, and learning through doing.

Each moment every day we have the opportunity to make life choices that affect our lives. Make each choice a life-affirmative, positive YOU choice. One that feeds your heart and soul. When you are in harmony and balance in yourself, life flows, sexual energy flows, happiness flows.

My workshop was about allowing the sexual energy to flow in every thing we do. Not to be afraid of it but to allow it, explore it, adventure with it, and push our own boundaries of comfort and go further than we would normally. Hedonism in Jamaica is a perfect place for that. A very non-judgmental atmosphere where pretty much anything goes.

Like a tap… once you consciously turn it on, the water flows. And so it is with sexual energy… consciously turn your tap on and let it flow!