Covid Connections

Recently on Facebook a friend from my past commented that I have had a very interesting life with men! Which got me thinking…yes I have!!

That person was a VERY interesting part of it! We met on a nudist beach on Crete, a Greek Island, camping under the stars… I remember he invited me to share his meal and that was the beginning of a long and very eventful, adventurous friendship! We shared our dreams and accompanied each other on journeys to many wonderful places on this planet, and beyond (West Afria, India/Nepal, Europe, New Zealand). We discovered Osho together and became Sannyasins (on the spiritual path). We travelled together but always gave each other space to explore.

The most special memories of my time with him was the months we spent in Poona, India, at the Osho Club Med (Meditation), where we explored tantra, dance, meditation, body work and art.  

One awesome thing about being stuck at home during this Coronavirus lockdown is reconnecting with people, and having the opportunity to go through old photos and reflect on times gone by…

I am in my little bubble here with two of my favorite, special people, Denie & Shala. We feel so blessed to have a freezer full of food, sunshine, roofs above our heads, a really cool garage for Denie to work on his cars, and a great garden for Shala to work in, when she’s not at her desk!

On the path together

Going through old photos is such a trip! Denie and I met on New Years Eve 1995/1996 at a spiritual new age gathering in nature where he and I were volunteer facilitators of our workshops, gifting back to the community. Our meeting was powerful and destined! We are still together and have had an amazing life traveling the world, teaching personal growth, health, and spirituality in New Zealand, America, Canada and Switzerland. We have been on crazy motorbike trips all round America, New Zealand, through most of Europe (every mountain pass we could find, all the way from Switzerland to southern Spain, Croatia and into Bosnia), and northern Thailand, Laos and northern Vietnam (for my 50th birthday). Our first home was a 32 foot motorhome for 4 1/2 yrs. We still enjoy camping in style at Burning Man, Sturgis and at the race track. We have lived in Seattle, New York, Los Angeles (Marina del Rey, the Valley) and now Las Vegas. Definitely on an interesting path together!

In my work I continue to have “interesting” deep and meaningful connections with the men, and women, and trans folk, many of whom have become dear friends. 

My life could be seen as an “interesting life with men” but I prefer to see it as a fascinating life of deep, physical, and spiritual connections with “people” (men, women and others who don’t necessarily relate to being a male or female!). When we connect in with someone’s soul it doesn’t matter whether they identify with being a male, a female, or either! What matters is the heart connection and an acceptance of them as they are, not who they identify with sexually. 

I have always been anti “gender defining” terms and stereotypes. Even back in my Law School days I lectured the professors on the importance of using gender neutral language. And I still get annoyed when people label certain characteristics as “male” or “female.” We all have many different characteristics as human beings and they don’t need to be labeled masculine or feminine. We are each a complex, beautiful combination of all that we are, which could be influenced by our parents/upbringing, cultures we were raised in, education, or even past lives!

I celebrate everyone in their uniqueness and appreciate the diversity of this world and everyone in it!

Be the Sunshine you are!

Dr Shelley