The Power of Words

The Power of Words

Yes, this is definitely a passion of mine. Conscious choice of the words we use. Recently a girlfriend posted a comment “This will be a killer event!” While I understand the colloquialism and intention to mean it will be an absolutely awesome event, her words jarred me.

Why put the energy of “killer” into a gathering… have we not had way too many killings recently? I would not wish anyone to be subject of any of these devastating episodes that have filled our news lately.

Way back when I was in Law School I was passionate about the use of words and even lectured in the use of gender neutral language, particularly how it relates to inspiring young girls to pursue professions that would normally be male dominated.

And then in my early twenties I also became passionate about the misuse and derogatory references to animals in our language, such as “men are pigs” – now pigs are very awesome animals yet the inherent reference is negative and not a positive image. Or “you’re a cow,” or “what a bitch.”

So I encourage everyone to look at the words they choose in their lives. Even simple common sayings like “I’m so sick and tired of….” – by saying that you are energetically programing your cells to be “sick and tired”. Do you really want to be sick and tired? I think not!

Words are energy and energy follows awareness so the more awareness we can put into the words we use, the more positive energy will flow in our lives.

We need more positivity and positive thought flow so let’s all do our bit to be conscious about the words we use and choose positive, life-affirming, healthy words in reference to ourselves, our relationships, our societies and our world.

Love from Ms Positivity!


Dr. Shelley