Pushing Boundaries

Pushing Boundaries

Recently I realized one of my unique qualities that I bring to my life, and the lives of others is my ability to push boundaries. Not only my own, but everyone I meet. I realize that I get to know them as quickly as I can and find out what could we do to expand their life experience. I take great pleasure in knowing I have helped make a difference in their lives by creating memories, living out fantasies, and leaving lasting memories that will shape their futures positively. That’s what I love to do and incorporate this quality into my relationships, my work, and my own life.

I have just returned from one of my most intense, boundary pushing experiences I have ever had, in my whole life! A spontaneous ride on my brand new Ducati motorbike from Las Vegas, to Sturgis, South Dakota, and back. 3500 miles (5,000 kms), or so pushing myself to learn, to experience, to push my own limits, to go where I have never gone before, beyond fear, yet aware.

That became my mantra… “Beyond Fear, Extremely Aware” – or a version of that as I did my darndest to keep up with my “teacher” who anyone who knows him can verify – he is a tough teacher!!!

This morning I felt the magnitude of this experience and cried tears of relief that I had survived, had pushed my own boundaries to their absolute limit, and “lived to tell the tale!”

I feel very proud of myself, but exhausted at the same time. Keeping up that intensity and maintaining such awareness is tiring!!! Felt so good to relax today, immerse myself in water, lie in the sun, do day-to-day grounding stuff like, washing, cleaning house, shopping, preparing food… No 100 miles an hour today. Was more like 5 miles per hour, which felt nice!

So I encourage each and every one of you to push your own boundaries every day – do something that surprises even you! Don’t think too much about it – just do it. Release the fear, yet be aware.

And give thanks! Every day (and many times throughout the day) on this recent trip I gave thanks for the experience, the opportunity to grow and learn, for surviving and thriving. I give thanks on a daily basis for the people in my life, the incredible machines that help to give me these experiences (like my very hot Italian 821 monster), and for my ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I give thanks for my reality, my existence.