I choose Happyness!

3 mantras I live by:

  • I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness
  • None but ourselves can free our minds
  • Love the life you live, Live the life you love

I love the feeling of empowerment I have when I know it is me who decides how I feel, that I am not reliant on someone else to make me happy, to affect how I feel. And also, choosing not to let other’s emotions and energy affect how I feel. Not easy all the time but a choice I can make moment to moment.

I love Bob Marley and his positive messages and honor his insight that it is up to us, and us alone, to free our minds. Taking personal responsibility for the thoughts we have, the words we speak, the feelings we have and the actions we take is so empowering! No more blame on others, our upbringing, life experiences or work environments.

To love the life you live is a wonderful thing. I continuously give thanks for my fabulous life, that I chose for myself. I love living my life and sharing my love of life with all I am blessed to meet along my journey.

Thank you for being a part of my life! One love! We are all connected and can make a positive impact on own lives, and those of others, and this planet by taking our own power back and living the life we love.


Dr. Shelley