Feed your body from outside in…

In my doctorate (which is summarized in my book “Anti-Aging & Health Benefits of Sex”), I addressed the importance of being conscious of what you put in your body, ie. what you eat, especially if you want to keep your sex drive high, your hormones balanced, and a sexy body. It is also just as important, if not more, what you put ON your body – the skin creams and lubes you use.

The skin is the body’s largest most absorptive organ, and for you ladies – the skin inside your vagina is probably THE most absorptive! So read the ingredient list of the skin care you use, and the lubes. Avoid any parabens, petrochemicals and un-pronouncable names.

My rule of thumb is “Would I eat it?” If the answer is yes, then I will use it, if not… then “No way Jose!”

A company I absolutely LOVE that produces edible skin care is theCream. They also have a really awesome PERSONAL cream that is fabulous for “down there!” Their products contain no water, only active, healthy ingredients designed to feed and nourish the skin. And as important as it is to nourish your face and body, the female parts are equally as important to nourish and keep young and vibrant! Use on a daily basis! And also as a sexual aid – to help smooth entry!

And this company just won their 5th award for best lip cream – keep those sexy lips moist and ready to kiss! And the Men’s cream is pretty awesome too!

Check out www.theCream.com. Sign up for their email offers and receive 25% off your first order, plus other great offers.

Dr. Shelley