The Spirit of Giving – Christmas

I’ve always been a little skeptical of Christmas and the commercialization of it but having just watched a whole lot of Turner Classic Christmas Movies and having read about the true story of St. Nicholas I realize Christmas is all about the spirit of giving.

And that is a beautiful thing to be celebrated and encouraged. Especially giving of oneself. Everyone has their own unique way to gift of themselves and they reflect that in the gifts that they give. It may be a motorbike, a new vacuum cleaner, a card, some freshly baked goodies, a phone call, some flowers, a thought or message… each is a way to show that we care.

I do care. And I do love to give. Give of myself. Give gifts. Cook. Be of service. I love the spirit of giving. I love to give.

Feeling gratitude that I can give. That I choose to give. That I have love to give. Gifts to give.

Feeling blessed.

As Ringo Starr said recently at a concert here in Vegas… yes, we can all do something… and that is give more love.

So I encourage you to share yourself, share you love, give of yourself and your love. Now and always.

Merry Christmas! Happy December 25th!

Wishing everyone health, happiness, love, joy and laughter this Christmas and a plentitude of gifts in whatever wrapping they show up in!