Sex – the ultimate supplement!

In the research I did for my PhD and over 20 years working in the field as a sexologist it is abundantly clear to me that SEX should be considered the ultimate health supplement! 

SEX is one of the most important things we can do in our lives to help us be healthier and live longer. 

Yes, you still need to look at what you eat, exercise – or should I say Sexercise, and take your daily supplements. But I suggest you also consider SEX as a VERY important daily supplement. If you simply can’t swing it as a daily supplement then at least 3 times a week. Or at the least, once a week!!!!!

The loving touch of another, the important hormones released during intimacy, the beneficial effects sex has on metabolism, heart health, prostate health, breast cancer, are endless.  Also sex has been shown to help alleviate headaches, help participants feel good about themselves, helps improve self image and self confidence, helps with hormonal balance and general overall feelings of well-being.

It’s a no brainer! One of the reasons I published my book “Anti-Aging & Health Benefits of Sex” – a summary of all the research I found supporting my premise in my Doctorate that more sex is better for your health and well-being. Overwhelming support!

So what’s holding you back from having more sex?

Mental attitude is one of the keys and another reason I published all the research in the reference section of my book, about the benefits of sex, to encourage and entice people into having more!

It is so easy to switch it off, feign indifference, be nonchalant, not make an effort.

But if you realized how important SEX is for your health, and treated sex as a nutritional, anti-aging supplement, then maybe that would be all that is required to kick that sex gene in again.

For the sake of your health and longevity! Give it up! Make an effort on a daily basis to have intimacy, sexual closeness, sex. It’s good for you!!!!!

After 12 years of being a vegan I realized I needed to introduce good sources of protein into my diet. It took quite a while for me to get my head around the necessity of eating especially animal protein, but when I finally started looking at what I put in my mouth as nutritional supplementation then I could see that eating red meat was like eating so many capsules of iron, available protein, amino acids, and more. I started looking at my food by its nutritional value. What did I need in my diet to make me alive and vibrant?

And sex is the same! Sex is an integral part of staying young, feeling healthy, and enjoying life. 

So make more of an effort to have your daily (or at least weekly) nutritional supplement of SEX!

Ask your partners, if you have one. Ask a stranger if you don’t! Or at least pleasure yourself!!!!

All in the name of health and well-being of course!!!

Check out this interview I did recently on the Health Benefits of Sex and how Sex is a very important component if you truly want to live Beyond 120 (years that is!).

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