Highly Sensitive People

I started on my spiritual journey back when I was 17 and discovered Transcendental Meditation (TM)… I left High School a year early and got a scholarship to University and after my first year I was invited to join the Honors Law Program. I always suffered headaches and tried every pill imaginable, then my Mum saw an add in the newspaper for TM that it helped relieve headaches… and it did! It also opened me up to deep states of consciousness. Around the same time I became a vegetarian and over 12 years explored being a vegan, a raw foodist, fruitarian, and even breatharian… Until my body finally fell apart due to malnourishment. I had mined my body.

The body is a very fine tuned machine and needs the right fuel. I was experiencing deeper meditative states, expanded consciousness and attributed this to my vegetarian diet. I was also becoming more and more of an empath and Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and found living in this world more and more difficult. I thought this was due to my heightened state of consciousness which certainly contributed but I also realize now, looking back, I was becoming super sensitive due to nutritional deficiencies. Not that being sensitive is a bad thing! It is a beautiful thing to be sensitive to others, and this world. But sometimes very difficult!

Sensitive people suffer more, but they love more and dream more.

Recently I met up with a friend who is also struggling being in this world. Is super sensitive to everything around him and tuning in more and more to energy and spirituality. He eats very little and believes that he can get his nourishment from the universal energy. But he is fading away and not the same vibrant, strong, powerful man I first met. His eyes no longer have the fire from within. He doesn’t see it but I do as I have experienced it myself. During my vegan days my meditations felt more powerful but I felt less and less part of this world.

You are sensitive and look deeply into yourself and others
Nutritional Supplementation

It is a fine balance between nourishing ourselves physically and being a spiritually sensitive person. I feel it is important to feed our bodies the right fuel so that we can enjoy this existence, survive these crazy times, be of service, and be sexually empowered. Libido is a good indicator of physical health and wellness. In my work as a sexologist it is abundantly clear to me that erectile issues and low libido is directly linked to the food we eat, water we drink and nutritional supplements we take. Unfortunately not everything we need for our body’s health and wellbeing is available through the food we eat. For example, certain nutrients like Zinc are very hard to get enough of from our food but essential for libido, sexual function, brain clarity and immune strength.

Healthy Food

It is also very important to look at our sources of food. Food raised with consciousness such as pasture raised eggs and meat, have a much higher vibratory rate, and veggies and fruit grown without pesticides have far greater nutritional value. Even if you can’t bring yourself to eating meat, at least reintroduce eggs into your diet – a perfect protein source that feeds and nourishes the cells. I remember meeting a boxer in Indonesia many years ago who ate 12 raw eggs a day and was at the top of his profession.

Electrical Nutrition Book

Recommended reading… Electrical Nutrition by Denie Hiestand (published by Penguin Putnam 2001), that I helped research and co-write many years ago, but it is still relevant today. I met Denie at the end of my 12 year cycle of vegetarianism and after 2 years with him debating him, watching him work with physically and emotionally challenged people in his healing practice, and also struggling myself to survive in this world physically and emotionally, I started re-introducing consciously raised protein into my diet. Now, over 20 years later I am fully vibrant, healthy, happy and able to serve my people, my community, my family and my world from a physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong place.

We are what we eat so choose healthy, vibrant foods to nourish your physical and emotional body, and your spiritual/energetic body too.

That’s it from me today! Wishing you all vibrant health and wellness!

Dr Shelley

Cheers! Photo taken last week…