Life – in this body!


When you fully realize how important and essential your body is to your experience of life on this planet then it is difficult to mistreat it and put crap in it. It is like a delicate fine-tuned car that requires the right fuel. The fuel we use fuels our physical body and determines what it can and cannot do. The right food also affects our hormonal balance and moods, the effectiveness of our intellect and mind, and our ability to tune in to the energetic reality of this existence.


What we eat as a child set us up for our future lives, the development of our immune systems, the strength of our bones. As teenagers what we eat affects our skin, monthly periods, emotions and energy levels. As an adult what we ingest directly affects our productivity, libido, health and happiness. 

I was always aware of the importance of what I ate and was conscious about not wanting to eat food that had been highly processed, contained preservatives, sugar or had been exposed to chemicals. I was also aware that I did not want to eat anything that had been mistreated in the raising process, like factory raised chickens and eggs, or meat from a feed lot, fish from a small confined fish farm. 

What I didn’t really know was how this body really works. What is the best fuel for it? What really makes it work at it’s optimum?

I mistakenly thought that being a vegetarian was the healthiest option. I was a dogmatic vegan for many, many years cutting out everything derived from an animal, including, milk, eggs, cheese or any product that used any of those ingredients like cookies or salad dressings containing any animal bi-product. I even stopped wearing leather shoes or clothing. 

After 12 years eating this way my body started to fall apart. I was always super active and happy. Suddenly I couldn’t do what I thought I could do. I would be exhausted easily, overwhelmed, unable to think clearly. I ruptured a lung, tore the tendons and ligaments in my knee, blew out my lower back… I couldn’t function or cope anymore. I contemplated ending my life. I tried every personal growth technique I could muster to help me cope. I meditated daily for hours, I exercised, danced, forced myself to go for walks in nature, visualized, did a lot of therapy… nothing seemed to work.

Until I met Denie Hiestand. He saw my light. He recognized my soul. He patiently educated me about how my body really works and what I needed to do to bring it back into harmony. That was almost 22 years ago and now I am full of life, energy, health and happiness. I travel the world constantly and have a very active, full, healthy life. 

I helped co-write Electrical Nutrition with him during this time which helped me understand more how the body works electrically and energetically and the importance of electrically combined foods and electrically available foods. 

If you are struggling with your health and well-being, energy levels, libido, depression… or if you simply would like to have an even healthier, happier life I encourage you to read Electrical Nutrition and also to watch the documentary called The Magic Pill which captures much of this essential information. 

We have a 5 day residential retreat coming up at the beginning of October near Flagstaff, Arizona where we will be immersing participants in energy including providing you electrically available foods to help your learning and absorption.

A perfect small-group residential intensive with Denie Hiestand and myself. This will be the last opportunity to study with Denie Hiestand. He has been teaching metaphysics, energy healing and how the body works from an energetic electrical basis for the last 30 years and now you have one more chance to learn from this amazing Master Healer/Teacher who has had an award winning documentary made about his life and is an internationally published author of 5 books. A unique opportunity with a unique person.

I will be co-facilitating this seminar and helping to prepare nourishing nutrient dense food for everyone. Space is limited so book now! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to make your life better, healthier and happier. 

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