Your story…

Everybody has their own story. And it is fascinating and unique. We cannot ever really know their full story and can only ever know what they share and what we surmise. Many people make up their own stories about others without ever really knowing the full story. People talk about others without ever really knowing what is truly going on in that person’s life. The only person that knows your whole story is you. We share with the people we meet what we choose to share, what we feel comfortable sharing.

‘You can trust me on this, because I heard it from a friend of a friend of a Facebook friend.’

Life is an intricate series of synchronistic moments that weave together into a tapestry of experiences that shape us into who we are. We can chose to be defined by those experiences, to learn from those experiences or just see them as “experiences.”

We can write about our experiences. I encourage that! It is an awesome thing to write down our life stories. A powerful internal journey. Yet what to share? How much can we truthfully and honestly share without being judged. How to shape our words to the ears to those who chose to hear.

In my own life and in my connections with others I chose to share on an individual basis depending on who is it that I am talking to. What does my job as a sexologist truly entail… how much can I share… the intricacies of my personal relationships are very complex… I cannot share those details with everyone I meet…I chose carefully what and with whom I share.

And that is what makes my life fascinating and complex and amazing. I love the complexities of my life. I love the amazingly deep connections I make in my world. I am fascinated at how my life flows and the joy I get to share all over this planet.

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to start writing your story. For you.

I was inspired to write “Soul Sex” by experiences I had whilst traveling the world seeking spiritual and sexual enlightenment back in the 90’s. I suppose I had better catch up on the last 20 years! That may take a few volumes!

Dr Shelley