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Dr. Shelley presents at conferences worldwide and teaches small group seminars.

Upcoming Events:

Swingers Lifestyle Cuban Cruise 2018 – December 4 to 11. I will be hosting a series of workshops on the cruise. Come join me! 


Small Group Intensives:

Dr. Shelley teaches small group intensives, specifically for couples wanting to open to more. No small group intensives scheduled yet for 2017. If you would like to book a weekend intensive please email Dr. Shelley and she can arrange her schedule around yours. Weekend workshops are $2500/couple. Friday evening, all day Saturday, Saturday evening, and Sunday till 5pm. Includes a Saturday evening outing (to a show/club). Accommodation options available too. Her private residence can accommodate 4 couples.


Dr. Shelley has presented at a variety of conferences/Seminars including the Chinese Sexological Association conference in China in 2013; the New Zealand Erotica Conference in 2013 and 2014; Spirituality & Sexuality Conferences in New Zealand and California, The Future of Monogamy Conference in Berkeley, CA in 2014; at Burning Man 2014, 2015, and 2016; on lifestyle cruises; and at swingers conventions and resorts such as Hedonism in Jamaica. Her specialty is Open Relationships, Swinging, Polyamory and Sex for Health, including Sexercise, Sex & Music and Soul Sex interactive presentations.

Please email Dr Shelley at to book her for your next conference/cruise or convention.

Feedback from one of the workshops at Burning Man, 2016:

[photo from Burning Man, 2016]

“Dear Dr. Shelley,

I had the pleasure, fortune, honor and playa magic intervention 🙂 to attend one of ur workshop this year at B. Man.
I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and top on my soul 🙂 for gifting me/us this workshop. This was my 4th burn.
Though “secretly” and so shyly curious about The Orgy Dome, I could never bring myself to get in. Barely even look at it :). However, you made it sound so ” sweet, safe” and per ur word a “sanctuary like” that it then convinced me easily to go “check it out”. Lol.
And so then I/we went with 2 of the lovely men I had connected with at your workshop. Might as well go all the way with my fantasies :). Gees ! I had just turned 46- and it was time :).
It was such a ground breaking experience for me, Dr. Shelley. Not necessarily at all because of the actual sexual experience there ( I def. actually prefer privacy and just one man at a time – lol) but mostly-because I felt I was taking the greatest ever ownership of my body and feminine sexuality. Wow- and since:) I feel like I could do anything ! Lol-because if I was so peacefully brave to go in the O.Dome (and with 2 men !) , I feel like I can face pretty much face anything else :). Woot ! Woot !
And I have been able to share my experiences with friends (men and women). I am so proud of myself ! Growing up in a very traditional family and community, sex was/is Taboo. Your joyful/spiritually inclined way to talk about it was absolutely refreshing and allowed me to cross my own thousands of years boundaries barefoot :).
And so much more-but- anyways…
Keep on sharing if u can – It does make a difference in someone’s life !
With much Gratitude as a brand new me,



Dr. Shelley was originally born in New Zealand and now lives in Las Vegas. She has a PhD in Philosophy specializing in Human Sexuality. The focus of her dissertation was…

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Dr. Shelley has several published books including: Anti-Aging & Health Benefits of Sex – the summary of the research she did for her Doctorate. Soul Sex – a sexual adventure,…

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Dr. Shelley works mostly with couples wanting to enhance their relationships, and individuals wanting to adventure into new realms. Her focus is on making relationships and life more sexually joyful….

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Dr. Shelley presents at conferences worldwide and teaches small group seminars. Upcoming Events: Swingers Lifestyle Cuban Cruise 2018 – December 4 to 11. I will be hosting a series of workshops…

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