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Dr. Shelley was originally born in New Zealand and now lives in Las Vegas. She has a PhD in Philosophy specializing in Human Sexuality. The focus of her dissertation was…

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Dr. Shelley has several published books including: Anti-Aging & Health Benefits of Sex – the summary of the research she did for her Doctorate. Soul Sex – a sexual adventure,…

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Dr. Shelley works mostly with couples wanting to enhance their relationships, and individuals wanting to adventure into new realms. Her focus is on making relationships and life more sexually joyful….

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Dr. Shelley presents at conferences worldwide and teaches small group seminars. Upcoming Events: Swingers Lifestyle Cuban Cruise 2018 – December 4 to 11. I will be hosting a series of workshops…

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What a bind!

I had the honor of presenting a workshop at the Beach Bind Week in Jamaica recently. A focused group of individuals interested in rope. As a total newbie to roping…

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